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The Importance of a Paternity Lawyer



Establishing paternity is not a straightforward case of filling the paternity acknowledge form and having your name included in the birth certificate of the child. The process can be both emotionally and financially devastating.  While it is nice to have a paternity test to ensure that in deed you are the father, circumstances do not always prevail where the test can be administered before the distribution of the child support.  Therefore, it is due to this reason that it becomes necessary to obtain paternity lawyer Plymouth.


If there is a reason to dispute paternity one of the best things that you can do is to protect yourself by hiring a paternity lawyer. Often, after a child is born, it's when a man can prove whether or not the child is theirs. Before birth, the mother's word is believed regards to the paternity. But once the baby is born and the man wants to dispute paternity the help of a paternity attorney is a must. Such an attorney can be very helpful in protecting the rights of the man. The lawyer is also a great asset for an individual that wants to take legal action against a woman or the State for child support and other benefits.


A knowledgeable family law plymouth attorney is the best source of information that is needed to dispute paternity. An official paternity test using either cheek swab or blood will be necessary to confirm or rule out the paternity of the father. If the mother has full custody of the child, she must be willing to give access to the child to allow for a complete DNA test to be performed. If she refuses access to the child, a paternity lawyer could go to court and request an injunction that makes it mandatory for her to provide access to the child or suffer under the law. A Paternity attorney is an asset for anyone that wants to contest paternity professionally.


Disputing paternity is a common thing. The DNA technology has made it possible to end all doubts related to paternity matters and has assisted many men to confirm paternity for numerous reasons. To make sure that the process is accurately and professionally done, a paternity lawyer is recommended. It is one of the best decisions that one can make by investing money to confirm their paternity. By doing this, you can eliminate doubts and have things clarified. Find paternity lawyer near me here!


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